Social Skills Training

Cherubim utilizes an eclectic approach that integrates both cognitive-behavioral and relationship-based paradigms.

 1. Relationship-based approach: 

Building trust, and motivation through mutual respect between Cherubim staff and members, modeling reciprocal empathy, and offering genuine acceptance to each others’ differences are foundational strategies.  We work daily on the way in which we interact with each other, such as greeting each other, developing empathy, supporting each other during struggles, learning to relax and tolerate distress, cultivating peace of mind, and nurturing hope through prayer, love, courage, passion, and contentment.  Toward this end, we optimize the learning environment, practice reciprocal conversation, develop a healthy sense of interpersonal boundaries, and invest in life-long friendships. Cherubim believe these are the key components to maintaining healthy relationship, building resilience, and having a life of happiness regardless of the struggles, circumstances, or limitations we may experience.

 2. Cognitive-Behavior approach: 

Provides a variety of tools necessary to help members control their behaviors through rewards, reinforcements, feedback, staff modeling, video-modeling, social stories, and role-play. Members will be taught to use self-talk to enhance problem solving capacity. Cherubim will reinforce these behaviors and provide feedback by giving members choices of replacement behaviors and healthier ways to problem solve. Cherubim will help each member develop a list of coping skills/replacement behaviors for various situations that they may face on a daily basis and practice them in real life applications.


Developmental Training Program