Developmental Training Program


Description of Services

In order to address the unique individual needs of all members with intellectual and developmental disabilities, we are offering two cohorts within Cherubim Developmental Training Program. Members will be grouped based on adaptive and intellectual/developmental functioning. Consequently, this will allow optimization of growth opportunities by ensuring expectations are neither too high nor too low. An Individual Support Plan (ISP) will be developed within 30 days of enrollment. Various assessments will be used to determine: 1) home living; 2) community living; 3) life-long learning; 4) employment; 5) health and safety; and 6) social activities. Additionally, members will be re-assessed annually to determine goals and skills based on strengths and interests (as interest changes and skills develop, throughout the year, the ISP will be modified accordingly).

Cherubim use a systematic instructional approach to vocational training. Cherubim implement a range of assessment tools to identify interests and skills level, we then work closely with business leaders to identify what skills they are looking for in their employees. Cherubim matches the business skills with the interest of our members, we then customize our members employability skills to match that of the local business. This allows our members to walk into a job with the skills already learned and ready for work.