Daily Living Skills

Daily living skills are the skills that a person need on a daily basis to live independently. They include self-care skills like eating, 

dressing, bathing, toileting and grooming. They also include other skills like home management, cleaning, shopping, laundry, medication management etc. Daily living -skills is a process that begins at birth and continue through adulthood. Members of Cherubim will acquire these skills to live independently. Even if they cannot live independently, being independent in self-care will take a lot of burden off the caregivers and self. Thus, this is often the most important goal for an adult with a disability. 

Members will be able to…

…dressing - The individual dresses self with verbal cues or minimal help such as buttoning shirts, or pants, or belt buckle.

 …grooming - The individual grooms self with verbal cues or with minimal help such as holding toothbrush, helping brushing hair, or facial shaving.

 …toileting - The individual toilets with verbal cues only or need little help with buttoning of pants and belt buckle.

 …eating - The individual eats a meal with cues from staff may need help with cutting.

 …language - The individual understands basic requests and expresses self verbally or with an alternative communication such as, communication   board, computer or writing.

… motor development - the individual demonstrate fine and gross motor skills independently or with minimal assistance. 

…create a weekly budget

…develop daily/weekly plan 

…receive and make phone calls

…discuss various life experience topics 

…practice social skill for the day.


Developmental Training Program